Most business owners do not understand the risks involved in certain types of loans. Many physician practices have experience in running a medical practice but limited experience in finance. This limits the ability of the physician to understand the difference between the difference between bank and finance company loans.

Physician Finance Consulting, Inc. fills that void. Our experienced staff will help you understand the differences between bank loans, lines of credit, equipment leases, working capital loans, practice acquisition loans, building and mortgage financing and debt consolidation loans.

Once you are up to speed on the various types of financing available, PFC, Inc. will examine your needs and evaluate other factors such as your future business outlook with improvements in place, your credit history and borrowing capability.

Only then will we work to secure the best possible financing for your practice with fast approval and minimal time invested on your part. PFC, Inc. also protects your credit score when building a finance program tailored just for you. Having your credit pulled several times in a short period will lower your Fair Isaac Score which could decrease your ability to get approved for financing and increase your rate when you are approved.

Fair Isaac Scores

A FICO score is the acronym for the score the Fair Isaac Company assigns you. FICO condenses your credit information into one number which is calculated using formulas based primarily on: 1. Your payment history. 2. The amount of money you owe all of your creditors. 3. Your credit history (including the number of times you have sought credit) 4. The number of new accounts you have opened. 5. Type of accounts. 6. The length of time you have had credit. 7. What percentage of your available credit (which they also calculate) you have already borrowed.

This number is considered by lending institutions to reflect your ability to repay the loan being borrowed.

Besides money, a finance consultant can provide something just as important…advice and support. By giving you information on opportunities within your industry, your PFC, Inc. consultant will help you use your resources in the most efficient and beneficial way possible. We work toward your short term and long term success!