Equipment leasing is the preferred method of financing for most  equipment purchases. Equipment leasing allows you to finance 100% of the equipment purchase price including ancillary costs like software, training, installation and shipping. Leasing can also allow for flexible terms and payment structure, including stepped payments of small monthly payments at the beginning of the lease with larger payments when the equipment begins to generate income. Or seasonal low payments if your business is seasonal. There are a few different types of leases and PFC can help you decide which lease program is the best for your needs. PFC, Inc. also protects you from hidden fees and charges.

For established businesses,  equipment can be financed with a one-page application and minimal documentation. For start up businesses or challenged credits additional information may be requested.

This information may include:

  • Business and personal tax returns for the previous two years
  • Personal Finance Statement (PFS)
  • Recent bank statements or a bank reference

This additional information may be required to achieve the best possible financing package for your business and can often make a difference in your monthly payment amount.

Working Capital loans

Working Capital loans are designed to help you secure cash funding when your business needs it for short term cash flow or expansion needs. There are various types of working capital programs so contact us to find out what the best solution for your company would be.

Small Business Administration loans (SBA)

The SBA, an agency of the federal government, does not actually provide loans, but guarantees the loans made by preferred SBA lenders when borrowers meet specific criteria. Because of this guarantee, loans can be made for longer terms and with lower payments than a traditional bank loan.

Most business purposes can qualify for a long-term, SBA guaranteed loan, including:

  • Commercial real estate purchase
  • Construction
  • Business acquisition or expansion
  • Equipment purchase
  • Refinance/Debt Consolidation
  • Working Capital

SBA loans usually have a term from 7-25 years depending on the purpose of the loan, and the rate is based on the prime rate at the time of the loan, the borrower’s credit score and the purpose of the loan.

PFC, Inc has the access and the know-how to help you qualify for an SBA loan at the best possible rate. Our FREE consulting services can help you determine if an SBA loan is the best option for your business, or whether a more tailored financing program would better fit your needs.