When a business needs financing there are many types of loans to consider. Professional Funding Corp. and Packaging Finance, take the guesswork out of the loan options that would benefit YOUR company. Every business is different and we work to ensure that our financial experts at PFC, Inc. are in tune with your business needs. We have a team of consultants that specialize in business funding for companies of all sizes. They will work with you and your team leaders to learn your business and work to maximize the capital that meets your business needs both today and in the future. The BUSINESS LOAN that you accept today could stifle your ability to receive funding in the future. Our team works with your business to ensure you get the best programs available. We help you and your business leaders, decide which loan is best for your company to ensure your current and future financial growth success.


Why is leasing the preferred method of financing for most software/ equipment purchases?

Equipment leasing allows you to finance 100% of the software/equipment purchase price including ancillary costs like software, training, installation and shipping. Leasing can also allow for flexible terms and payment structure, so if you need time to grow your business, you can start fully equipped while making small monthly payments at the beginning of the lease and make larger payments when the equipment begins to generate income.

Leasing vs Bank Loans

One major difference between equipment leasing and bank loans is how the debt is secured and the implications to your personal credit score.

A bank loan requires collateral to secure the debt. Assets such as your home, your business, your car or boat can be used to ensure that you pay back the money you have borrowed and your personal assets may also have a lien or the loan may be linked to your personal credit. This can affect your personal credit score and your ability to borrow for personal reason. Since leased equipment is its own collateral, most leases can be structured so that your personal assets and your personal credit are protected.

Most bank loans require a blanket lien on the business and on the owner. Lines of credit had other bank loans can require you to show financials quarterly or annually. If the bank decides your business does not meet their standards they could call the loan(which means demanding you pay it immediately). If you do not pay a called loan they will take all the assets of you and your business to cover the loan cost.

Why is that important? When a large loan for equipment is recorded as debt on your personal credit, it affects you ability to make large future personal purchases like a home, boat or car.

Equipment Leasing:

  •  Conserves capital
  • Allows for positive cash flow
  • Protects your personal credit score
  • Allows equipment to generate income and pay for itself